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Hell and Mr. Fudge (2012)

In the mid-1970s, Edward Fudge, a juvenile preacher inside Athens Alabama, is showed up by an individualist Australian person of sensual age who presents to appoint him to reveal whether or not an still burning Hell exists. Raised by a father who was a at any rate more

Brave (2012)

Set inside Scotland inside a rugged also mythical time, Brave traits Merida, an aspiring archer also impetuous female descendant of royalty. Merida sections a reckless poll that unleashes unintentional threat also forces her to jump into act to collection issues more

Ted (2012)

John brackets a Christmas miracle transpire by bringing his solitary with merely pal to life, his teddy bear. The two develop united with John must subsequently value several enormously to stay also his female friend or take his friendship also his full-grown with awfully more

Sailing Grace (2012)

When spirit predicament threatens to acquire his life, John Otterbacher decides to fulfill his fantasize of sailing across the Atlantic plus his style on their boat “Grace”.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama more

Puppe (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama
Director : Sebastian Kutzli
Cast : Anke Retzlaff, Sara Fazilat, Corinna Harfouch, Christoph Gaugler, Jella Haase, Anne Haug, Charlotte Thompson, Stella more

Yoter Ity Mi'Lev (2012)

Lily is yearning given that a hero given that her different novel. When she finds Nino, a romantic thoroughfare performer by daytime furthermore a chirping tom by night, she decides to seduce him furthermore whirl him into the theme of her essay – without him more

Left to Tell (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Action/General
Director : Director unknown.
Cast :
Company : more

Willful Blindness (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Director : James Higginson
Cast : James Higginson, Eric Berg, Julischka Stengele, Morgane Kelly, Moses Leo, Marie Larizza more

Document (2012/II)

Two youthful friends go out small-town Oklahoma since LA eager to show for filmmakers. What they reckon is a city of women, Tantra clubs, ambition, betrayal, with ultimately, themselves.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama more

All Babies Cry (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre :
Director : Lisa McElaney
Cast :
Run Time : 73min more