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The 7th Floor (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Thriller
Director : Patxi Amezcua
Cast : Ricardo Darín, Belén Rueda, Jorge D'Elía, Luis Ziembrowski, Osvaldo Santoro Directed by Patxi Amezcua   Writing credits Patxi more

Sophomore (2012)

The not bad Miss Helen Keller only once said, "Life is either a adventurous adventure, or nothing." The sophomores live by these words. It's span to product a bit times of yore of their own. Sophomore each year is here. Whether they're more

Christmas Oranges (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama
Director : John Lyde
Cast : Edward Herrmann as Mr. Crampton, Nancy Stafford as Mrs. Hartley, Bailee Michelle Johnson as Rose, Savanna Kylie Lewis as Emily, Juliette Lyde as Mary, Bruce Newbold as more

La Espera Desespera (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Action/General
Director : Coraly Santaliz
Cast : Marisé Alvarez, Carlos Rivera Marchand other cast:, Ricardo Alvarez, Gerardo Ortiz, Kemel Jamis as Agente Nieves, Julio Ramos Velez, Eddie Valdes more

Weaverfish (2012)

After spending the middle of the night going out on the town at a condemned river creek, the environment is presently dropped given that calm child Reece along with his friends. Headaches along with heartaches dip to a nightmarish race encourage to civilisation because a more

Betsy & Leonard (2012)

A month into a six month penitentiary sentence for the cause that coping mushrooms in addition to weed, 28-year-old techno DJ Alex King is supplied a mechanism out. So extensive for he may well offer a house address, he may well make out out the relaxation of his sentence more

Day of the Flowers (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Director : John Roberts
Cast : Eva Birthistle as Rosa, Charity Wakefield as Ailie, Carlos Acosta as Tomas, Bryan Dick as Conway, Christopher Simpson as Ernesto, Manuel de Blas as more

Circle of Lies (2012)

Once the certain trendy gal at Short Beach High, Denise Dixon finds her continuation spinned upside-down succeeding solitary dead night of terror. Rumours plus harsh backstabbing flood rife. Life inside Short Beach will on no account troth the same.
Release Date more

Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Action
Director : Osamu Kaneda
Cast : Masahiro Inoue as Tsukasa Kadoya / Kamen Rider Decade, Kimito Totani as Daiki Kaito / Kamen Rider Diend / Apollo Geist, Tatsuhito Okuda as Narutaki / Doctor G, Shu more

Shores of Hope (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama
Director : Toke Constantin Hebbeln
Cast : Alexander Fehling as Cornelis Schmidt, August Diehl as Andreas Hornung, Sven Gerhardt, Phuong Thao Vu as Phuong Mai, Sylvester Groth as Roman, Thomas more