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How to Make a Deal with the Devil (2014)

Release Date : 2014
Genre : Comedy
Director : Pearry Reginald Teo
Cast : Shannen Doherty as The Devil , Matthias Hues as Sergio , Zack Ward as Stan , Anna Harr as Lindsey , Jennifer Scott as Allison , Cuffs as Matt , more

This Last Lonely Place (2014)

On his concluding dead night on the job, an unsuspecting LA cab driver gets roped into backing a looking good investment banker shelter unsleeping a malicious crime.
Release Date : 2014
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director : Steve more

The Survivalist (2014)

In a years of time of starvation, a survivalist lives off a little organization of home secret deep inside forest. When two ladies looking for cuisine plus protection notice his farm, he finds his life threatened.
Release Date : 2014
Genre : more

Monsters of Mulberry Street (2014)

Mario Latona, (Frank Montero) in addition to his crew are youthful teens and a sensation since crime. Mario dreams of becoming a factual gangster comparable to his Uncle Frank…
Release Date : 2014
Genre : Crime
Director : John more

Métamorphoses (2014/I)

Release Date : 2014
Genre : Action/General
Director : Christophe Honoré
Cast : Amira Akili as Europe , Sébastien Hirel as Jupiter , Mélodie Richard as Junon , Damien Chapelle as Bacchus , George Babluani as more

Q (2014/I)

When evolving wide awake inside a district where gang violence is an approach of continuation along with Basketball is an approach to break out it.
Release Date : 2014
Genre : Action/General
Director : Anthony C. Hall
Cast : more

5 Seconds of Summer: So Perfect (2014)

5 Seconds of Summer are not competently one more boy band – Luke, Michael, Calum furthermore Ashton- suffer risen take entertaining in obscurity to mega-stardom furthermore this biography traces the start of 5SOS take entertaining in their humble beginnings inside more

Trippel Trappel Dierensinterklaas (2014)

Three infantile pets started think of Saint Nicolas to hand far more than their yearning breed plus presents.
Release Date : 2014
Genre : Animation
Director : Paco Vink
Cast : Bartho Braat as Bello, Hans Somers as Fret, more

W (2014)

Full synopsis »
Release Date : 2014
Genre : Crime, Musical, Thriller
Director : Tarun Madan Chopra
Cast : Leeza Mangaldas , Lezlie Tripathy , Sonal Giani , Raaj Singh Arora , Danish Pandor , Abhey Jit Attri more

The Frontier (2014/I)

Laine, a juvenile grown grown-up person on the flood savours the law, turns wide awake at the Frontier, an occasional barren region diner plus motel…
Release Date : 2014
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Director : Oren Shai more