Any Last Words? (2011)

Inspired by the existence of Bat Masterson. After a dire effort has flouted out between the Cowboys along with Native Americans, Bat finds himself lying on the ground, awfully wounded, following a heroic showdown. Shot along with on the limit of demise he is came to visit by Mobius. As Mobius consoles him they come back to Bat's selections along with how they taste interpreted his life. He'll engagement gone to style his most toughened only yet, whether to live along with wrangle or die.
After a radical war, only gentleman finds himself picture also postponement as death. As he lies there, he's disappeared to class his most ruffianly election – whether to live or die. Inspired by the subsistence of Bat Masterson.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Action, Western
Director : Vaughn Taylor
Cast : Tom Lagleder as Bat Masterson, Vaughn Taylor as Belle Starr, Elizabeth Tinder as Emma Walters Masterson, Madison Tinder as Molly Brennan, Marina Espinoza as Mrs. Keach, Scott Jefferies as Wyatt Earp, John Kublank as Jim Younger, Dimitrius Pulido as Wagner, Scott Rocco as Walker, Milo Stephenson as James, Paul Tinder as Mobius
Company : SouthCoast Theatre and Film