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Director : Steve Carver

Release Date : 1974

Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama

Cast : Angie Dickinson as Wilma McClatchie, William Shatner as William J. Baxter, Tom Skerritt as Fred Diller, Susan Sennett as Billy Jean, Robbie Lee as Polly, Noble Willingham as Uncle Barney, Dick Miller as Bonney, Tom Signorelli as Dodds, Joan Prather as Jane Kingston, Royal Dano as Reverend Johnson, William O'Connell as Crusade Preacher, John Wheeler as Lawyer, Ralph James as Sheriff, Sally Kirkland as Barney's Woman, Wally K. Berns as Legionnaire (as Wally Berns), Shannon Christie as Stripper, Michael Talbott as Sheriff's Son, Charles Pinney as Mr. Kingston, Rob Berger as Charlie Johnson, Jay Brooks as Wesley, Paul Linke as Bank Teller, Georgia Lee as Mrs. Kingston, Mickey Fox as Hattie, William F. Engle as Fred Johnson, Paul Bartel as Guest at Fancy Party, John C. Broderick as Bound waiter, Rick Dano as Bellboy

Plot : Mama with daughters draw required by functions into bootlegging with episode robbing, with voyage across the nation trailed by the law.

Run Time : 83 min

Country : USA

Company : Hit Woman Productions Inc.

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