Palominas (2011)

Director : Thadd Turner
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, Drama, Western
Cast : Daryl Hannah as Louisa Green, Ryan Merriman as Tramp Weathers, Michael Parks as A.J. Whitney, Wes Studi as Sam Jennings, Buck Taylor as Frank Taylor, Trace Adkins as Judge Guilt Roads, Chris Browning as Fargo, Katie Cleary as Blue Velvet, James Parks as German Bob, Christian Fortune as Temple James, Luce Rains as Buffalo John, Judith Jones as Actress, Jerry G. Angelo as Gunman Chance, David Busse as Lemon Sanders, Fredrick Lopez as Pudge, Thadd Turner as Lew, Wyatt Turner as Sebastian Green, Paul J. Porter as Gunman Choice, Maggie Fine as Merchant's Wife, Eddie Bauer Jr. as Brick, Chuck Paul as Dungas, Jonathan Scorza as Amigo, William Arute as Ben James, Claire-Louise Worby as Lilly, David Lee Jensen as Big Red, Marcie Shaw as Townswoman, Greg Kuebli as Skunk, Peter J. Brown as Pepe', Tommy Dippel as Doc Wells, Steve Shaw as Gambler #2
Plot : Rancher with down-trodden Sheriff dare hired gunmen on the Mexico periphery at the full of the 19th century.
Run Time :
Country : USA
Company : Talmarc Productions