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Martyrs (2011)

Director : Jagmeet Singh Samundri
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Animation, Adventure, History
Cast : Mayur Suvarna as English Voice Over, Harjit Walia as Punjabi Voice Over
Plot :
Run Time : more

Arrow, the Ultimate Weapon (2011)

Director : Han-min Kim
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, History
Cast : Hae-il Park as Nam-Yi, Seung-yong Ryoo as Jyu Shin-Ta, Mu-Yeol Kim as Seo-Goon, Han-wi Lee as Gap-Yong, Kyeong-yeong Lee as Kim Moo-Sun, Gi-woong Park as more

Dante's Inferno (2011/II)

Director : Douglas Neff
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Animation, Drama, Fantasy, History
Cast : Marie Paquim as Saint Lucia, Nevin Millan as Virgil, Lisa Merkin as Rachel, Amanda Chism as Beatrice, Summer E. Sinclair as Francesca, more

The Highwayman (2011)

Director : Trygve Lode
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, Adventure, History, Horror, Romance
Cast : Macleish Day as Will Stiles, Marianne Page as Bess Hynes, Trygve Lode as Lt. Cardwell, Tom Doyle as Jake Hynes, Timothy Englert more

Boogie Woogie (2011)

Director : Andrea Frezza
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Drama, History
Cast : Sean Kanan, Paul Sorvino, Nick Mancuso, Virna Lisi, Florinda Bolkan, Silvia De Santis, Remo Girone, Omero Antonutti, Leo Gullotta, Andy Luotto, Rocco more

Meherjaan (2011)

Director : Rubaiyat Hossain
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Drama, History
Cast : Jaya Bhaduri as Meher, Victor Banerjee as Grandfather, Omar Rahim as Wasim Khan, Shayna Amin as Young Meher, Humayun Faridi as Khonkar, Khairul Alam more

I.M. Caravaggio (2011)

Director : Derek Stonebarger
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Biography, Drama, History, Thriller
Cast : Ryan Eicher as Ian, Beverly Lynne as Venice, Fletcher Sharp as Rex Yee, Alastair Bayardo as Mario Minniti, Damien Horton as Young more

Alone Yet Not Alone (2011)

Director : Ray Bengston
Release Date : 2011
Genre : History
Cast : Clay Walker as Fritz, Jenn Gotzon as Lydia, Tom Lagleder as Captain Thomas, Natalie Racoosin as Young Barbara Leininger, Ozzie Torres as Galasko, Joshua Hunter more

The Bascom Home Guard (2011)

Director : Kevin Hershberger
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Action, Drama, History, War, Western
Cast : Brian Merrick as Mysterious Rider, Meredith Garrison as Woman
Plot : The Civil War, because Sherman's Army more

The Real King's Speech (2011)

Director : David Barrie
Release Date : 2011
Genre : History
Cast : Laurence Fox as Narrator (as Lawrence Fox)
Plot : The right anecdote of King George VI's attempt to subdue his stammer, along with the episodes more