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A Bedtime Story (2012)

A Bedtime Story was roused by the fable of Bremen Town Musicians, which tells the account of outcast animals' quest because an additional conjugal along with achievement ready cooperation. Here the imagined praxis of the fable are returned by present-day more

Sun Flower: Himawari (2012)

150 time subsequent to the Great East Japan Earthquake, inside the non-existent town of Izu. Akemi, a missy delight in the Tohoku region, incessantly carries in addition to her a sunflower, severely agreeing with inside its capacity to identify radioactivity. She has more

Acqua fuori dal ring (2012)

History repeats itself inside an knotted narrative of two boxers harassed to go on indoors along with outside of the ring.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama, History, News
Director : Joel Stangle
Cast : Giusy Abbate, more

The Principle (2012)

New astrophysical record of wonderful finesse has emerged. Human sophisticated is on the verge of collapse of a intricate alteration inside perception, philosophy, science along with metaphysics that is merely unparalleled inside recorded history. THE PRINCIPLE is Chapter more

Lone Prophet (2012)

DANTE is a average teenager, senior inside exorbitant school, captain of the route team, brainy girlfriend, also first-class friends, then again everything this permit as soon as he witnesses the deportation of his lover also her family. Disillusioned in addition to his more

La revolución de los alcatraces (2012)

The intimate tour furthermore social awakening of Eufrosina, a youthful indigenous grown person cherish Mexico, boxing hostile sexual activity inequality plus the seducing bestowing of radical power.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : News more

Revenge on a Ghost (2012)

Revenge on a Ghost is a dogmatic anticipation thriller that follows an Iraq take stock of plus his entrenched correspondent helpmate because they come back to Washington, DC to grapple in addition to a stalker plus PTSD.
Release Date : 2012
Genre more

BoTTom: The True Meaning of Love & Acceptance (2012)

Errol A. Grant is a disrespected newspaper columnist who happenings an apparition that mysteriously seems with speaks to him loves the pulpit throughout a church service. He at the moment begins to conceive to come across the identity of the "The Black more

Dream Center Disney Area with Paul Benjamin and Ishah Wright (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Biography, Family, News
Director : Director unknown.
Cast : Paul Benjamin as Himself (2012), Laurah Guillén as Herself Directed by Laurah Guillén  (as Ishah Wright) Paul more

Il Sepolcro – Il Collezionista (2012)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Mystery, News, Thriller
Director : Director unknown.
Cast : Elisa Barone as Vittima, Oronzo Cino as Vincent Benedict, Giuseppe Damicis as Vittima, Piergiorgio De Micheli as Sgt. De more