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The Coyote's Moon (2011)

It's 1912 on the unforgiving foothills of the Andes. All of Argentina was yearning since gold. But as the gold works out, these providence seekers switch on self since survival, affection with anything incentive-seeking they may get. Shot on the eye-catching more

Pólvora Negra (2011)

A grown grown woman betrayed is researched plus vanished since dead. Long after, he proceeds since Castilho Paredes. With scars additionally deep he is to be found inside a cast maintain to engagement a pawn since a hired hitman between brothers plus sisters since a big more

The Carolinian (2011)

One hundred plus fifty life ago, this countryside was divided by war. Thousands of kinskith and kin squandered their lives, albeit lone Man, Levi Cane, was presented a save someone’s skin chance. In a hunt across North Carolina since his protracted squandered love, more

Lone Tree Bench (2011)

1881 Montana Territory. The Smith Family traverses the unsettled frontier inside their treated wagon. Pioneers chasing the sun inside hopes of a enhanced continuation out west. At the mercy of this untamed home catastrophic circumstances oomph the teenybopper member of more

Say It with Bullets (2011)

Release Date : 2012
Genre : Western
Director : D.W. Phillips
Cast : Larry Clabby as Nate Parker, Darrin Fleming as Blaze, Ray Freedman as Sam, William Howerton as Wes, Alex Kirby as Sergeant Ben Stewart, Darren Kirby as Frank more

South of Black Drink Crier (2011)

As a prelude to the civil war, General lee as nonetheless as his Kansas Brigade disfigure the western counties of southern Missouri. Weary of the inhumanity, Evelyn, disguised since a member of Lane's Brigade, removes it upon herself to depart the regiment as more

Casa de mi Padre (2012)

Armando Alvarez (Will Ferrell) has lived also worked on his father's ranch inside Mexico his full life. As the ranch encounters fiscal difficulties, Armando's younger male pigeonhole member Raul (Diego Luna), shows wide awake also his brand new more

Dead Man's Burden (2012)

A western collection on the New Mexico frontier a duo of life subsequent to the Civil War with centered on a besieged infantile rank with the mining bureau who desires to obtain their land.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama, Western more

Gallowwalkers (2012)

A puzzling gunman, Aman, is the lad of a nun who breaks her deal along furthermore God to make sure his survival. This demeanor brings a jinx upon Aman – the end lot those that pass away by his gun will return. Soon, he is found by a gang of his undead previous more

Dawn Rider (2012)

After his father is killed, John Mason is disposed to spin the globe within out to judge the person of suggestive age responsible. What he doesn't absorb is the killer may possibly troth inside his own house.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : more