Hello Stranger (2011)

The Wild West, long-lasting ago: a trivial town is came visiting by a band of on the road musicians. They work on the outskirts of town with face expression the rage of a corrupt, electricity needing food deputy with a exhausted Sheriff (Timothy Bottoms). The conduct singer falls inside affection plus the Sheriff's daughter, which major complicates matters since the Deputy wishes her given that himself. There is likewise a band of bandits who gives the impression to troth functioning given that the Deputy with an oblivious mayor. Part affection story, portion retro musical 'Hello Stranger…' has action, intrigue, comedy with drama.. It is a distinctive addition to the Western genre.
The Wild West, long-lasting ago: a miniature town is came to visit by a band of on the move musicians. They act on the…
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Comedy, Musical, Western
Director : Johnee Gange
Cast : Timothy Bottoms as Sheriff
Company :