Bubblegum & Broken Fingers (2011)

"If you don't experience your own plan, you'll damn certain troth manor of anyone else's." That cost kicks off the initially of multiple narrative lines, inside the transgression clothing "Bubblegum & Broken Fingers." This character-driven collage of sex, violence in addition to vitality is identical series western, gangster in addition to affection stories. We take place the tour of an extraordinary silver briefcase in addition to witness the disorder it brings each novel owner. The seemingly disparate stories repeatedly collide all the road through because multiple plan twists. Rodney, a tender mob bag-man struggles to withdraw his living of transgression nonetheless his better half Dominic has assorted plans. German tourists bite off to a higher degree they may possibly chew. A small mute problem hiker has every day she'll under no circumstances forget. Blix, an absconder relishes a federal government prison, perform on a distressing rampage. Playboy Doctor Sean Steele puts his living inside risk as he thinks along furthermore the unsuitable head. FBI cause Hampton in addition to U.S. Marshal Yamato ruthlessly compete because the unchanged arrest. These stories of dysfunction the finalize lot blast as one because a very last way out inside the end. "Bubblegum & Broken Fingers" is a baffling touch off just about the hamper that will withdraw you lifetimes removed from where you started.
"If you don't submit to your own plan, you'll damn certain engagement a community of somebody else's." That figure kicks off the initially of multiple anecdote lines…
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Crime, Drama, Western
Director : Sean Jackson
Cast : Camme Tyla as Tiny, Mandy Williams as Blix, Brenna Daly as Heidi, Jason Nious as Rodney, Dean Mauro as Dominic, Kris Mayeshiro as Yamato, George Harvey Dabling as Hampton, Andrew Frace as Ryan, Patty Chong as Charlie Nguyen, Paige Vandecar as Nikki, Nathan Ferrier as Dr. Steele, Kim Carter as Dr. Wright, Desiree Iaconetti as Haeli, James D. Smith Jr. as Helmut, Douglas Pritchard as Joseph, Kimberly Hill as Adrienne, Ronni Lea as Oliver, Mark Anthony Vazquez as Vazquez, Anthony Mingilino as Tommy, Brooke Siffrinn as Gibson, Colin Trahan as Collins, Terri Lynn Hicks as Turner (as Terri Hicks), LACKOS as Dr. Steiger, Jason Sarcinelli as Phillips, Kerry Simon as Himself, Cj. Mackey as Jamal, Stacey Rae as Vikki, Mike Wurst as Edwards, Shadia Taylor as Nurse #1, Jim Robertson as Deputy Pine, Rose Savage as Wallace (as Roselynn Savage), Angel Mendoza as Pablo, Michael Cassano as Hector, Chris Rodriguez as Max, Arthur Loring as Biggs, Lesley Sluzynski as Tanner, Lou Fossessca as Paramedic #1, Brent Mukai as Paramedic #2, Lee Beffort as Buzz, Victoria Viveiros as Waitress, Amanda Franchini as Nurse #2, Annette Obodai as Nurse #3, Trixie Lovett as Nurse #4, Rebecca Carrol as Patient #1, Marilyn Weinmann as Patient #2, Dee Cutrone as Patient #3, Eric Bronson as Patient #4, David Lander as Officer #1, Douglas Farra as Office #2, Billy Patterson as CSI, Alba Rodriguez as Photographer #1, Leo Limuaco as Photographer #2, Paige Lauren Billiot as Party Girl (as Paige Billiot), Alberto Triana as Vinny
Company : Somnium Productions