Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)

Director : Kurt Kuenne
Release Date :
Genre : Documentary, Crime, Drama
Cast : Kurt Kuenne as Himself, Andrew Bagby as Himself (as Dr. Andrew Bagby), David Bagby as Himself – Father, Kathleen Bagby as Herself – Mother, Shirley Turner as Herself – Ex-Girlfriend (as Dr. Shirley Turner), Zachary Andrew Turner as Himself – Son, Heather Arnold as Herself – Former Fiance (as Dr. Heather Arnold), Jon Atkinson as Himself – Friend, Bob Bagby as Himself – Uncle, Earlene Bagby as Herself – Bob's Widow, Linda Bagby as Herself – Aunt, Pat Bagby as Himself – Uncle, Jason Baldwin as Himself – Highschool Friend, Derek Barnard as Himself – Uncle, John Barnard as Himself – Cousin, Paul Barnard as Himself – John's Brother, Pete Barnard as Himself – Cousin, Ruth Barnard as Herself – Aunt, Robin Bates as Herself – Friend, John Bertolino as Himself – Residency Director (as Dr. John Bertolino), David Billings as Himself – Classmate (as Dr. David Billings), Lori Billings as Herself – Classmate (as Dr. Lori Billings), Helen Bloomfield as Herself – Godmother, Ian Bowmer as Himself – Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Memorial University of Newfoundland (as Dr. Ian Bowmer), Jacqueline Brazil as Herself – Lawyer, Elizabeth Day as Herself – St. John's Regional Director of Child, Youth & Family Services, Danette Dooley as Herself – Friend, John Doucet as Himself – Shirley's Psychiatrist (as Dr. John Doucet), Mary Dray as Herself – Student Affairs – Memorial University of Newfoundland, Ken Eckhert as Himself – Classmate (as Dr. Ken Eckhert), Karl Fischer as Himself – Friend, Marci Fischer as Herself – Friend, Olivier Galgani as Himself – Friend, Derek Green as Himself – Judge, Chief Justice, Vera Griffin as Herself – Student Affairs – Memorial University of Newfoundland, Himanshu as Himself – College Roomate, James as Himself – College Roomate, Mack Janke as Himself – Friend, Chris Koehler as Himself – Friend, Greg Little as Himself – Colleague (as Dr. Greg Little), Tony Locke as Himself – Classmate (as Dr. Tony Locke), Jennifer Lombard as Herself – Classmate (as Dr. Jennifer Lombard), Mark Lombard as Himself – Classmate (as Dr. Mark Lombard), Janice Manthorne as Herself – Classmate (as Dr. Janice Manthorne), Scott McClellan as Himself – Professor (as Dr. Scott McClellan), Pete McNab as Himself – Friend, Jan Mills as Herself – Friend, Anthony Monteverdi as Himself – Classmate (as Dr. Anthony Monteverdi), Darlene Nelville as Herself – Child & Youth Advocate, Matt Oetinger as Himself – Friend, Randy Piercy as Himself – Shirley's Lawyer, Michelle Pualuan as Herself – Friend, Suzanne Putnam as Herself – Colleague (as Dr. Suzanne Putnam), Rhonda Ridenhour as Herself – Bob's Daughter, Andrew Rossiter as Himself – Classmate (as Dr. Andrew Rossiter), Jennifer Shaulis as Herself – Colleague (as Dr. Jennifer Shaulis), T.J. Shears as Himself – Shirley's Son, Bob Sheraga as Himself – Friend, Sue Sheraga as Herself – Friend, Clark Simpson as Himself – Colleague (as Dr. Clark Simpson), Rick Singleton as Himself – Grief Counselor (as Dr. Rick Singleton), Gerald Smith as Himself – Provincial Minister of Health, Chris Snow as Himself – Minister – St. Michael's Parish, Carol Stein as Herself – Friend, Leslie Thomas as Herself – Classmate (as Dr. Leslie Thomas), Sherri-Lynn Tucker as Herself – Classmate (as Dr. Sherri-Lynn Tucker), Kristian Vallèe as Himself – College Roommate, Gail Welsh as Herself – Judge Directed by Kurt Kuenne Writing credits Kurt Kuenne writerProduced by Kurt Kuenne as. producer Original Music by Kurt Kuenne Cinematography by Kurt Kuenne Film Editing by Kurt Kuenne Sound Department Kurt Kuenne as. sound Music Department Noah Scot Snyder as. scoring mixer Thanks Jeffrey Abramson as. special thanks Matthew Barry as. special thanks Katie L. Fetting as. special thanks Christine A. Pechera as. special thanks Chris Schlerf as. special thanks Manolo Travieso as. thanks Sebastian Twardosz as. thanks Production CompaniesMSNBC FilmsDistributorsOscilloscope Pictures (2008) (USA) MSNBC Network (2008) (USA) (TV)Mongrel Media (2009) (Canada) PBS International (2008) (non-USA) Sony Music Entertainment (2009) (Japan) (TV)Other CompaniesDolby Laboratoriessound mix hints: “shot in the face,rage,character name in title,murder suicide,cousin cousin relationship” Runtime : USA:95 min Country : USA, Language : English Aspect Ratio:1.33 : 1 Certification : USA:Not Rated Filming Locations : Latrobe, Pennsylvania, USA Company : MSNBC Films Quotes:Kurt Kuenne:On the afternoon on November 7th 2001 my sister called to tell me that doctor Andrew Bagby, my closest friend since the age of 7, had been killed. My name is Kurt and I'm a filmmaker. Andrew appeared in every movie I made growing up. I decided to make a movie, to travel far and wide, to interview everyone who ever knew and loved Andrew. Movie Connections:References Tombstone (1993)
Plot : A filmmaker decides to memorialize a exterminate buddy once his friend's ex-girlfriend makes known she is looking facilitate to his son.
Run Time : USA:95 min
Country : USA
Company : MSNBC Films