The Trap (1959)

Director : Norman Panama
Release Date : 1959
Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Drama
Cast : Richard Widmark as Ralph Anderson, Lee J. Cobb as Victor Massonetti, Tina Louise as Linda Anderson, Earl Holliman as Tippy Anderson, Carl Benton Reid as Sheriff Lloyd Anderson, Lorne Greene as Davis, Peter Baldwin as Mellon, Chuck Wassil as First Fake Policeman, Richard Shannon as Len Karger, Carl Milletaire as Eddie, James Bell as Sourdough, Walter Coy as Second Fake Policeman, Roger Creed as Hood, Berel Firestone as Radio Operator, Wayne Heffley as Lou Brann, John Indrisano as Hood, Karl Lukas as Greenie, Mike Mahoney as Legitimate Officer, Louis Quinn as Archie Stoner, Russell Saunders as Hood
Plot : Lawyer Ralph Anderson arrives inside Tula, an remarkably isolated town inside the desert, since reluctant undercover agent of mob bedrock Victor Massonetti…
Run Time : 84 min
Country : USA
Company : Heath Productions