Dhinveynugehithaamaigaa (2010)

Dhinveynuge Hithamaigaa is a account of two families. Naashidh is a carefree infantile man, meets Nisha furthermore falls inside tenderness furthermore approximately right now asks her to marry him. Naheez is a odd man out father who is probing following his daughter, he neglected his lady owing to problems moment delivering. In the period in-between Naashidh meets an mishap furthermore is bed ridden furthermore almost immediately decides to break-up his lady Nisha as he has neglected trust of forever walking. Soon Nisha who doesn't experience any section is required to see a job, In the identical span Naheez is on the pay attention for a helper to engagement in addition to his daughter. Nisha advance to absorb of this completed an admirer furthermore as soon as they converge Naheez went given that a amaze as she resembled his insensitive wife.
Dhinveynuge Hithamaigaa is a yarn of two families. Naashidh is a carefree juvenile man, meets Nisha and…
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama
Director : Ali Shifau
Cast : Ali Cezan as Fairooz, Fathmath Aflaz Faisal as Nishath, Mohamed Faisal as Ishan, Ravee Farooq as Jana, Fauziyya Hassan as Hafeeza, Mohamed Manik as Naheez, Naashidha Mohamed as Liusha, Niuma Mohamed as Nisha, Yoosuf Shafeeu as Naashidh, Ahmed Ziya as Mamo
Company : Dark Rain Entertainment