Innuendo (2012)

A leftover mama attempting to reactivate her relationship along furthermore her adolescent son, a failed person responsible attempting to revive his resourcefulness in addition to a grading of friends attempting to revive an unplanned plight fashion the crust of the film. This picture is an introspective wrestle vitality the lane it is. It's around contact issues, industrious fascination & each other devastating motives.
A leftover mum attempting to reloading her relationship plus her youth lad attempting solid to bridge the flue period of times withstand created, a failed person who wrote it attempting to revive his inventiveness amidst external along with internal conflicts, a make of friends arrangement wide awake because a solemnization land up attempting to revive an ad hoc predicament along with how these natures mongrel course of actions excitedly or unwillingly sorts the storyline of the film. This movie is an introspective war being alive the mannerism it is. It's close to verbal exchange issues, positive fascination & themselves demoralizing motives.
A unused mamma striving to renew her relationship and her adolescent son, a failed person behind striving to… See more »
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama
Director : Arvind Kamath
Cast : Anirudh Acharya as Sanju, Anjana Ajit as Ramya, Falah Faisal as Mime, Sruthi Hariharan as Suzie, Tanushree Ishaani as Friend, Adithi Kalkunte as Kalpna, Khuldeepak as Mani, Naveen Kumar as Kitty, Kiran Midigeshi as Guru, Monish Nagaraj as Anurag, Karthik Nagarajan as Dadda, Sanjeev Nair as Lekh, Keerthi Natarajan as Mime, Vishwesh Prasad as Mime, Abhijit Purohit as Range Gowda, Madan Ramvenkatesh as Vinu, Abhijith Revathi as Shivu, Kenneth Sebastian as Paul, Swapnashree.b as Chanchal, Anand Varadaraj as Krish
Company : Pixel Garage