The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure (2011)

Director : Matthew Diamond
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Family
Cast : Jaime Pressly as Lola, Christopher Lloyd as Lero Sombrero, Cary Elwes as Bobby Wobbly, Cloris Leachman as Dotty Rounder, Chazz Palminteri as Marvin Milkshake, Colleen O'Shaughnessey as Diner Dancer, Toni Braxton as Rosalie Rosebud, Malerie Grady as Toofie, Nick Drago as J. Edgar, Garrett Clayton as Diner dancer (as Gary Clayton), Steve Blackwood as Sheep, Heather Rose as Diner Dancer, Alecia Jai Fears as Rochelle Rosebud, Kylie O'Brien as Jubilee Rounder, Guistina Chirco as Marna, Sonya A. Avakian as Mice, Taras Los as Schluufy the Pillow, Stephanie Renz as Zoozie, James Howard Carr as Raccoon, Toby Murray as Ducklings, Angela Rivet as Sheep (singing voice), Scott Stabile as Raccoon, Misty Miller as Goobie, Justin David as Baby Bird, Ben Joffe as Puppeteer, Mia Elliott as Windy, Wendal Scott Reeder as Puppeteer, Samantha Moore as Puppeteer, Heather Rose as Diner Dancer, Andrew Gorney as Balloon (singing voice), Jim Gilmore as Raccoon (singing voice), Paul Isakson as Puppeteer, Lauren Sage as Puppeteer, Derek Crescenti as Diner Dancer, Robert Papimeau as Raccoon, Josh Mershman as Diner Dancer, Robert Rettberg as Raccoon, Steve Blackwell as Owls, Jennifer Weil as Peacock / Llama, Randy Carfagno as Ruffy, Bruce Reizen as Beavers, Squeakie Starr as Mice, Lauren Wolfe as Diner Dancer, Ashley McGill as Diner Dancer, Dave Doran as Ducklings, Steven Tucker as Balloon (singing voice), Kenneth Arthur as Raccoon (singing voice), Iris Farrugia as Ruby Rosebud, Timothy Richardson as Balloon (singing voice), Megan DeShong as Diner Dancer, Zachary Borromeo as Diner person, Mike Reed as Singing Balloon
Plot :
Run Time : USA:88 min
Country : USA
Company : Big Balloon Adventure Movie