Screaming Mimi (1958)

Director : Gerd Oswald
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller
Cast : Anita Ekberg as Virginia Wilson / Yolanda Lange, Philip Carey as Bill Sweeney, Gypsy Rose Lee as Joann 'Gypsy' Masters, Harry Townes as Dr. Greenwood / Bill Green, Linda Cherney as Ketti, Romney Brent as Charlie Weston, Red Norvo as Red Yost, Red Norvo Trio as Musical Ensemble, Alan Gifford as Captain Bline, Oliver McGowan as Walter Krieg, Stephen Ellsworth as Dr. Joseph Robinson, Vaughn Taylor as Raoul Reynarde, Frank J. Scannell as Paul, the Bartender, Paul E. Burns as McGuffin / Mac, John L. Cason as Herb, Pat Collins as Detective Guerney, Heinie Conklin as News Vendor, Jeanne Cooper as Lola Lake in Photo, Dennis Cross as Plainclothesman, Sayre Dearing as Onlooker at Green's Death, Franklyn Farnum as Nightclub Patron, Terry Frost as Simmons, Hugh Gallagher as Birnam, Sol Gorss as Virginia's Knife Wielding Assailant, Thomas Browne Henry as Dr. Mapes, Reed Howes as Herb, Joseph Jefferson as Policeman, Betsy Jones-Moreland as Jan – Raoul's Assistant, Hank Mann as Waiter at El Madhouse, Frank Marlowe as Ben – Yellow Cab Driver, Tom McKee as Detective Roberts, David McMahon as Detective Glazer, Brian O'Hara as Simmons, Sarah Padden as Thelma, Don Ross as Policeman, Dick Ryan as Nurse, Phil Tully as Detective Ross, Ruth Warren as Mrs. Myers
Plot : Exotic dancer Virginia Wilson sees a improper person capture picture moments beyond he strives to knife her inside a shower, thus she act to Dr…
Run Time : USA:79 min
Country : USA
Company : Sage Productions