Darkness Into Light (2011)

Director : David Fairman
Release Date : 2011
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, History, Sci-Fi
Cast : Andrew Lewis as Richard, Jon-Paul Gates as Lucius, Emily Lucienne as Esther, Lawrence Stubbings as Jesus, Rikki Tarascas as Beeelzeboul, Alexander Hathaway as Peter, Robert Purdy as John, Dar Dash as Haman, Alexis Peterman as Mary Magdalene, Andrew Harwood Mills as Andrew, Jason Croot as Mordecai, Adrian Annis as Servius, Julian Boote as Judas, Craig Izzard as Soldier, Patricia Mantuano as Wedding Guest, Barbara Gorna as Mary – Mother of Jesus, Matt Oliver as Street Seller, Julia Eve as Girl, Isabella Puiatti as Alice, Matt Mowat as Thomas
Plot : An archaeologist exploring the Dead Sea caves at Qumran is flung into the exploit of a lifetime…
Run Time :
Country : UK
Company : Albion Productions