DeadTime (2012)

A Birmingham-based band are ordered by their suffering diary bureau to an old-time warehouse; the aspiration someone to re-start their in destitute health vocations plus a kick-ass innovative preview video. Unfortunately the band in addition to their entourage adjudge each other targets of an aberrant knife-wielding maniac, haunted by the gap of Satan, in addition to out as revenge.
A Birmingham-based band are ordered by their wretched diary firm to an archaic warehouse; the aspiration being…
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Director : Tony Jopia
Cast : Laurence Saunders as Zack, Carl Coleman as Jimmy, Elisabeth Shahlavi as Anji, Alex Marieka Hanly as Katie, Leslie Grantham as Mr LaRoux, Terry Christian as Tommy McEvoy, Joe Egan as Big Al, Julian Boote as Carter, Stephen Spencer as Simon, Matt Gibbons as Pete, Louis Murrall as Mike, Elle Wood as Val, Emily Welch as Julia, Adam Carrington as Nigel (as Adam Carrington Fray), Ian Donnelly as Mart, Stephen Bishop as Talkin' Bill, Ian Hill as Trick's Manager, John R. Walker as Rupert, Chris Brady as Himself, Ryan Burge as Wealthy Man #4, Fiona Jacobs as Wealthy Woman #2, Matt Kelly as Himself, Elliott Langdon-Bates as Waiter, Rex Lloyd as Wealthy Man #2, Theresa Roche as Wealthy Woman #1, Philip Sherwood as Wealthy Man #3, Ian Southall as Wealthy Man #1, Victoria Stedman as Wealthy Woman #3, Patricio Valladares as Radio announcer
Company : Spooked Films