3 (2012/I)

The flick takes out on an interval prepared the fondness account of Ram plus Janani who are 12th common students plus ultimately falls inside fondness also each other. As they grow up, therefore pulls off their affinity given that each other, plus no matter opposed to cherish the elders, they tie the knot. When they emergence a clean life, dilemma emergence to grow up. Apart cherish the common error hitches that newly-married couples could face, this is of a varied kind. Ram is compelled to seize a pronouncement inside that thorny situation. What follows is an mental tale.
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Director : Aishwarya Dhanush
Cast : Dhanush, Shruti K. Haasan, Prabhu, Bhanupriya, Rohini, Siva Karthikeyan, Sunder Ramu
Company : R.K Productions