Garden (2010/I)

Hozumi, a smart scientist, is quizing male cloning to except his pretty as anyways as dying fiance, Hiroko. However, without difficulty prior the completion of the project, Hozumi out of the blue quits the lab, to stay along furthermore Hiroko till her closing moment. Doesn't he desire to except his fiance? Fellow scientists are at a loss for words by Hozumi's route of behavior as anyways as wishes him get anyone out of a tight spot inside the study team, other than Muto, an ambitious scientist sees a chance to seize way over the cloning research.
Hozumi, a intelligent scientist, is opinion polling man cloning to excepting his nice-looking also dying fiance, Hiroko…
Release Date : 2012
Genre : Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Director : Eiki Taminato
Cast : Katie Hirose as Hiroko, Gakushu Ichijiku as Director, Takahiro Ishida as Higuchi, Hirono Okumura as Sano, Stuart Pinchen as Scott, Shinji Takahashi as Muto, Shinichi Taminato as Hozumi, Kae Torii as Takeshita, Tadafumi Yoshihara as Hiroko's Brother, Hiromichi Yoshitomi as Sasaki
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