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Murder, My Sweet (1944)

Director : Edward Dmytryk
Release Date : 1975
Genre : Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Romance, Thriller
Cast : Dick Powell as Philip Marlowe, Claire Trevor as Mrs.Helen Grayle aka Velma Valento, Anne Shirley as Ann Grayle, Otto Kruger more

The Trap (1959)

Director : Norman Panama
Release Date : 1959
Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Drama
Cast : Richard Widmark as Ralph Anderson, Lee J. Cobb as Victor Massonetti, Tina Louise as Linda Anderson, Earl Holliman as Tippy Anderson, Carl Benton more

The Lineup (1958)

Director : Don Siegel
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Drama
Cast : Eli Wallach as Dancer, Robert Keith as Julian, Richard Jaeckel as Sandy McLain, Mary LaRoche as Dorothy Bradshaw, William Leslie as Larry Warner, more

Kiss of Death (1947)

Director : Henry Hathaway
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Crime, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller
Cast : Victor Mature as Nick Bianco, Brian Donlevy as Assistant D.A. Louis D'Angelo, Coleen Gray as Nettie, Richard Widmark as Tommy more

Party Girl (1958)

Director : Nicholas Ray
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Drama, Film-Noir
Cast : Robert Taylor as Thomas 'Tommy' Farrell, Cyd Charisse as Vicki Gaye, Lee J. Cobb as Rico Angelo, John Ireland as Louis 'Lucky Louie' more

Screaming Mimi (1958)

Director : Gerd Oswald
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller
Cast : Anita Ekberg as Virginia Wilson / Yolanda Lange, Philip Carey as Bill Sweeney, Gypsy Rose Lee as Joann 'Gypsy' Masters, Harry Townes more

Lonelyhearts (1958)

Director : Vincent J. Donehue
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Drama, Film-Noir
Cast : Montgomery Clift as Adam White, Robert Ryan as William Shrike, Myrna Loy as Florence Shrike, Dolores Hart as Justy Sargeant, Maureen Stapleton as more

Murder by Contract (1958)

Director : Irving Lerner
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Crime, Film-Noir, Thriller, Drama
Cast : Vince Edwards as Claude, Phillip Pine as Marc, Herschel Bernardi as George, Caprice Toriel as Billie Williams, Michael Granger as Mr. more

Cry Terror! (1958)

Director : Andrew L. Stone
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Film-Noir, Thriller
Cast : James Mason as Jim Molner, Inger Stevens as Mrs. Joan Molner, Rod Steiger as Paul Hoplin, Neville Brand as Steve, Angie Dickinson as Eileen Kelly, more

The Bonnie Parker Story (1958)

Director : William Witney
Release Date : 1958
Genre : Biography, Film-Noir
Cast : Dorothy Provine as Bonnie Parker, Jack Hogan as Guy Darrow, Richard Bakalyan as Duke Jefferson, Joe Turkel as Chuck Darrow, William Stevens as Paul more